2017 Essay Contest

2017 Essay Contest

Essay Contest 2017 - WINNERS ANNOUNCED


Thank you to everyone who submitted their well-crafted and thought-provoking essays to our annual Voices in Bioethics summer essay contest.  Winners will receive a $350 gift card; both winners and runners-up will have the opportunity to publish their essay on our website.  The winners have been decided, as follows:


Prompt 1

WINNER: Nathan L. Lam - "On the Survival Lottery."

RUNNER-UP: Dana Horowitz - "Choice, Chance, and Control: An Analysis of the Impermissibility of the Survival Lottery."


Prompt 2

WINNER: Kasthuri Nair - "Medical Malpractice in South Asia: Approaching Bioethics with a Global Lens."

RUNNER-UP: Ruth Foster - "Broadening the Canon: Moving Towards a Global Bioethics."


Prompt 3

WINNER: Anissa Saylany - "The Predicament of Modern Approaches to Pedophilia and Child Assault in the United States."

RUNNER-UP: Aditya Mohan - "Patenting Genes: A Myriad of Bioethical Implications."




1) Cover page including your full name and .edu email (so we can contact you if you win);

2) 1-inch margins, Times New Roman font, double spaced;

3) Essays no longer than 8 double spaced pages;

4) Please cite your claims with citations in accord with the Chicago Manual of Style.

5) Your essay submission must be an original work; any hint of plagiarism opposes the intention of this contest and will be immediate grounds for your essay being dismissed from our consideration. 

Conflict of Interest notice: if your essay is selected as either a winner or runner-up and you choose to accept and publish your winning submission at Voices in Bioethics, we require that your essay must not be published elsewhere.  For questions or concerns related to this policy, please email editor@voicesinbioethics.org.  

2016 Winner in Reproductive Ethics Category

2016 Winner in Reproductive Ethics Category