Letter from the Editors

September 28, 2018

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the Fall 2018 edition of Voices in Bioethics: An Online Journal – the premier edition of our quarterly publications.

This edition includes ten articles that explore a range of issues in bioethics. Our authors raise some interesting questions. Is there a gender gap in pharmaceutical research? Should homeless youth participate in research? How do environmental hazards caused by natural disasters affect fair access to quality healthcare? And, at the end of life, is it ethical to design our own death? These questions are only the beginning: each of these ten thought-provoking essays offer reflection, debate, and proposed action on some of the most pressing bioethical issues of our time — on both Earth and in space. This edition also features an interview with renowned bioethicist Dr. Paul Wolpe, who spent 15 years as senior bioethicist for NASA.

We are grateful to our contributing writers, staff editors and online development team for their hard work and enthusiasm in assembling this publication – they are the reason the journal has continued to thrive since 2013.

Thank you for your interest, and happy reading.

The Voices in Bioethics Editorial Staff

Sarah J. Kiskadden-Bechtel, Editor-in-Chief

Sharon L. Feldman, Managing editor

1. The Dubious Benefits of Germline Editing